Brownie for Breakfast

I was planning on hitting up the gym this morning, but I was soo tired so I decided to go back to bed. I told myself that when Kyle was back to work I would get my butt to the gym everyday. I guess I can’t expect myself to do that when I didn’t go to the gym EVERYDAY at school. What an unrealistic goal…

I woke up and waited a little while before I had breakfast to get hungry. When I finally did I had this…

It was blueberry cluster cereal from Kashi mixed with fiber one in almond milk. Then topped with blackberries, a drizzle of almond butter, and an orange walnut brownie. Yummm.

It was delicious. Now, I’m gonna go walk the dog in a bit and ride bikes with a friend. Today Kyle and I have an ice cream date with another couple. Funn! I’m getting soo sick of ice cream, but I really want to see them. We’ll see if I order anything…

And tomorrow I probably won’t post anything because I have to go back to Charleston (3 hr. drive) to pack up the rest of my apartment and put it in a storage shed. I’ll be gone ALLL day!

I hope you guys have a beautiful day today and tomorrow! Talk to you later loves!



Good Morning Everyone!

So recently I thought I would try some soymilk instead of the usual almond milk. I used to drink soymilk as a kid and remembered loving it! I remembered well and so did my taste buds! 🙂

These are the nutbutters that I currently use in my oats every morning. Yes, I use all three…please don’t judge me.

My oats from this morning…pumpkin eggy oats with all three nut butters on top.

And finally my coffee with soymilk in it! 🙂

Now, I’m gonna go have a sweaty work out with a friend and get some blood pumpin’ to forget about Kyle leaving me today! :/ And I guess I’ll pack a little too!

Have a great Thursday!

Are you guys as attached as I am to your significant other? What do you find yourself doing when they leave?