Post Mother’s Day

Hey you guys!

I wanted to share a few things with you! First of all Happy Belated Mother’s Day! Sorry no post yesterday! I was trying to post from my phone, but it wasn’t working! I have a confession to make! I have eaten ice cream the last two nights! :/ And last night I went wayyyy over board with the sweets but let me show you what they were:

This was the MOST DELICIOUS thing I’ve ever tasted in my life! No seriously though, this was amazing! It was homemade cherry cheesecake made by my Auntie Carol. Amazing. Next I had a piece of this…

This was a cinnamon crumb bunt cake. Yes, my aunt put a flower in the middle like My Big Fat Greek Wedding, because my whole family loves that movie! We quote it alll the time! 😀 I’m not crazy about bunt cake though, so I had a veryyyy small peice! Then there were also frosted brownies, apple slices, and rice krispies. I couldn’t control myself yesterday so I had a brownie, TWO rice krispies ( a chocolate and vanilla), piece of cheesecake, and that piece of bunt cake. Okay I know right? What was I thinking?
ugh! Okay, then my sister drove me home after our family party and Kyle calls me. He asks if I want to go to Zarlengo’s ( one of my favorite ice cream places) because all of our friends are going up there. So I go. And I ordered something…I couldn’t resist! I would have been the only one not eating ice cream and I didn’t want to feel like the old days where I was always the one not eating. So I ordered a small gelato with a scoop of tiramisu and chocolate espresso. Tiramusu was my favorite. I wish I would have gotten all tiramisu.

Well, as you can guess this morning I woke up feeling bad and FAT. I know, I hate that word too. I decided to go to the gym this morning! Best idea ever! I’m sooo happy I went! All my old friends from the gym were still there and sooo happy to see me as I was them! I got in a good workout too! 750 calories burned! Yeahhh buddy! I went home and quickly made a chocolate shakeology with a banana. I was starving because I skipped out on breakfast. Again, because I felt FAT.

As I reflect on this morning and my own thoughts, I can’t tell if I’m really trying to eat better or if my ED is coming back and I’m trying to restrict again. Only time will tell, but I’m gonna do my best to NOT restrict!

Hope you guys all have the best intuitive eating day ever! 😀

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