Good Friends and Great Food

So yesterday started with a long walk with Armani.

By the time I got home I was starving so I decided to make this impressively satisfying meal. It kept me full all the way until two o’clock!

After breakfast I had to get ready for a graduation party. Kyle and I’s train left at 3:55. We got to the party around 6 because we had to the take the Red line to her apartment. I’m sorry I didn’t snap very many pics but my friend did so I’ll post some of those when she uploads them. For food, they had little appetizers. It was an array of fresh veggies, fruit, and dips. For the main appetizer, her father made this beef plantain dish. Now usually I don’t eat beef, but I was kinda desperate at this point because I was starving. Starving=bad choice on my part. But surprisingly, it was really tastey. I’m not sure exactly what was all in there, but the flavor was impressive. It is one of the most sold appetizers at carnivale, a restaurant in which her dad has been the manager forever and all his girls are employed with him.

Carnivale’s Ropa Viega (braised beef served with sweet plantains

For dessert there was this amazing chocolate cake with layers of cake, cream, and rasperry preserves with a chocolate peanut butter fudge frosting. Oh my God. You bet I tried it! It was soo rich. I became a little queesy after, but it was all worth it.

And of course for drinks, her sister (the bartender at carnivale) was making us girls strawberry margaritas. They were soo good. I may have had three of those bad boys! After, I was soo full I thought I was going to explode.

We left the party at around 9:30 and got home around 11:30. Of course Kyle was hungry by then. So I warmed him up so beer in the butt chicken my mom had made for dinner that night. I tasted it. It was alright.

To be honest, I’m glad I can now eat all of this and not feel guilty anymore. I genuinely had a great time with old friends last night. There were people there I haven’t seen in two years and I just feel like I’m back! I now have my personality back. Before, I was too worried about counting calories and if I ate was gonna make me fat. Now, after I ate that slice of cake I def caught myself saying “wow, I can feel the fat rolls now forming.” But right away it was gone. I started talking to other people and FOOD WAS NOT THE MAIN FOCUS. Wow. For once! Big mile stones I’m hitting here. I’m so thankful. Now, I feel like I’m just having fun with food, with all the foods I have missed out on or have missed since I was a kid! Before, I would have stuck to the fresh veggies and fruit, but I’m so happy I tried that dish because it was excellent! 🙂

There’s my rant. As for breakfast this morning I made this bad boy with a slice of tomato on the side. I’ve been obesessed lately with tomatoes on the side with my eggs.

It was a mixture of red gold potatoes my mom roasted last night and also some grilled veggies with balsamic vinagerette and some swiss cheese to top it all of it. TWO SLICES. OMG. I know. But hey, YOLO! 😉

Now me and Kyle are off to see a movie. I’ll post my eats later and maybe some pics from the party.
Have a good day!

Do you have any fear foods? If so, what are they and why do you fear them?

For me, I can’t tell if they’re fear foods or if I don’t like them because they aren’t healthy and I stopped eating them when I was really young! Such as butter! That’s a big one for me. I will never use it. I use olive oil instead. Last summer I used cinnamon and sugar butter and I just felt so blah after so I’m not sure.

A pic from last night. Clearly, I look too good.

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