Giving in

So I gave in yesterday. I couldn’t stand the fact of knowing that I would be by myself. Alone, for over a week. What was I supposed to do? So I decided to pack up real quick (by real quick I mean I packed within two hours). I thought it was pretty good time considering I packed almost all of my summer clothes, shoes, makeup and food from my apartment. Here are a few pics of the mess.

This is what I managed to pack up.

This was his pile.

And then we were off. The three hour drive back to Chicago. I stopped and grabbed some passion fruit iced tea from Starbucks before we headed onto the highway. I ate a raw revolution 100 calorie bar yesterday also during our drive. So when we arrived home, needless to say, me and kyle were STARVING to say the least. Good thing my parents were prepared for our hungry bodies. She prepared her famous meatloaf! I’m sorry I have no pictures. It was all scarfed down by the time I thought about it. My dad made his famour mashed potatoes. They are the best! And we also had corn, carrots, and peas. We shared this meal all together, and it was nice because my sister, her husband, and my nephew came too! I was so pleasantly surprised!

Afterwards Kyle left to go get in his run with his best friend and my mom and I caught up. Our conversations are always great. She always gives the best advice. My mom showed me her new ceramic mold she had bought in Ohio and we just talked about my next year down at school. I will be living with my best friend from home, but recently we’ve been getting in little tiffs. I hope everything works out.

I mentioned to Kyle I wanted Italian gelato from one of the little Italian ice cream shops in town. He remembered and we went! I’m so sorry no picture again! ugh I suck I know… but I ordered cookies and cream (my fav) coffee and blackberry cheesecake. It was delicious and hit the spot!

I may be going back tonight with my sister because she didn’t get to go last night because of school! I will snap a picture tonight if we end up going. The chances are looking pretty good!


What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Have you ever tried gelato?

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