Rain Rain Go Away!

So this morning I woke up to the loud booms of thunder! I love thunderstorms because they make me sleep like a baby. I didn’t even get up to work out this morning. Now THAT is somethin’. I also love them because it means Kyle gets the day off and we get extra time to just lay in bed and cuddle. Lately we’ve been spending every chance we get with each other and I love it! We’re finally happy together. It only took five years! lol
Anyways lunch was fantastic today.

This was 1/2 C of garbanzo beans, a few diced black olives, 5 sweet pickles (lately I’ve been eating them like it’s my J.O.B.), a few broccoli spears, green beans, and brussel sprouts topped with feta cheese and one TBSP of soy vay and a swirl of sugar free maple syrup! I love that stuff it’s amazing! And maybe a side of ketchup to dip my greens in! I also had an un-pictured bowl of fruit.
Speaking of ketchup. My obsession with it is really a problem. My dad has to buy bottles and bottles so I don’t run out. I went downstairs today to get some fruit and found this bag.

The yellow caps are the bottles of ketchup! And they are the BIG bottles from COSTCO! I also broke out my juicer today and make a carrot+giner+apple+lemon drink! It was yummy! While I was at it I was feeling a bit adventurous and wanted to try a new marinade for my chicken. I put blueberries, pineapple, honey, balsamic vinegar, fig vinegar, and basil. I will post the recipe on here if it’s any good! Here is what it looked like in the bowl!

I hope it tastes yummy! Now I have to go get ready for work! *sigh*

See you later loves!

How do you get your exercise in when it rains outside?
What is your food/condiment obsession?
What’s for dinner tonight?!

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