Grad Party Fun and Reflection

So today my cousin had his graduation party from high school. Makes me think about my graduation day. I was so excited/nervous to walk on stage and not face plant into the cement flooring seeing as how I wore 5 inch heels.
But more importantly I was scared more than anything of my future and what was to happen. High School was over. My actual life was starting. I thought I would be able to handle college and CHANGE. Boy was I wrong. My first year of college had to be the worst year of my life by far. I was so homesick my first semester that I cried myself to sleep every single night. That’s when I decided to come home from U of I. I thought everything would go back to normal, I would just pick up where my life left off. Boy was I wrong. AGAIN. Everything was different. My room was empty. My dog had to warm up to me again. Living with my parents, again a struggle only because I feel like they judge me a lot with my eating and exercise habits and it kind of makes our relationship tension-filled. My friends were gone. I had to start all over. Again. Did I make the right choice?! Whether it was right or wrong it’s what I did. I will live with that decision the rest of my life. Leaving one of the best schools in the country all because I couldn’t deal with change. We live we learn.
Anyhow back to his party…

It was great to see all my family. Lately I haven’t been going to family parties. Mostly because we have a party EVERY weekend in the summer! My family loves to party! Let’s look at some of the goodies that were at the party.

umm I may or may not have eaten three of those strawberry oatmeal bars and seven of those oatmeal raisin cookies! *cookie monster*

My mom made these chewy peanut marshmallow bars.

Some other goodies! chocolates, jellos, cookie cake, etc.

of course a fruit salad!

When you give my grandma a little sugar this is the result!

My cousin and I!

All in all it was a great party with great family! Now off to Kyle’s to recover from this carb coma! Hope ya’ll have a good night!

See you Later Lovies!

Do you remember when you graduated high school and left for college? Was it scary? How did you react?
What is your favorite cookie to indulge in?!
What do you do after you have indulged too much?!

2 responses

  1. Your grandma is too funny!!! Looks like a fun party 🙂 With yummy food!! Such restraint only eating 3 of those bars 🙂

    hmm..favorite cookie, that could be tough to choose just one. My bf makes DELISH peanut butter chocolate chip cookies so I guess i’ll say those.

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