Today is the day!

Hello Blog world,

So today is the day that I officially am gonna start blogging. I really don’t know how to work this thing, but I figure it’s a work in progress! lol I’ve been reading many blogs lately and it just seems fun!
It’s about 10:38 here in Chicago and pretty chilly outside! What a change it’s been lately! Two days ago it was 90 something degrees out! I feel like I either have my a/c in my car on full blast or the heat on full blast every other day!
So yesterday me and my boyfriend? I say “boyfriend?” because I still don’t know what we are! LOL We’ve only been on and off for five years! Anyways I’m sure you all will hear a lot more about him!

Kyle and I around Christmas time.

We went and saw X-men at the show, which was actually really good! During the previews there was a trailer for the new movie “The Rise of the Planet of the Apes” and I LVOE monkeys but this preview just freaked me out. The thought of crazy big apes taking over the world, meh not my sort of movie!

Here is a picture of the frightening movie!

Back to about X-Men, usually I don’t like movies like that I’m a more hopeless romantic/chick-flick type of girl! My favorites are Pretty Woman, The Notebook, Dirty Dancing, etc. You get the idea!

We were almost the only ones in the movie theatre!

So my mom does Avon and she bought me these amazing lip glosses the other day and I am completely and utterly obsessed with them! I first put the lighter color on and then I apply the pinkish color over the lighter color! I love them!

And JUST because I want to include my adorable God son in this post and probably every post I make, here is a cute picture I snapped the other day while we were in the pool!

Isn't he the cutest little thing you've ever seen in your life?!

That’s all for now! I’ll leave you guys with a pic just me and my rents!

My parents and I at my Grandma's Birthday Party!

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